The Pepper Mill

The best Pepper Mills are also considered burr mills or burr grinders, which is  a device used  to grind hard, small food products between two revolving abrasive surfaces.   Usually the device includes a revolving screw that pushes the food through. It may be powered electrically or manually.  Although the pepper mill was created by the Peugeot family in 1842, its the Greeks that continue the tradition.

The wonderful Greek Pepper Mills on the market today were adapted from the Greek coffee mills used by the Greek army in the field hundreds of years ago.   The grinding mechanism has been designed to actually grind the pepper rather than smash up the peppercorn which is how most other  mills operate, creating a flavor and aroma second to none.

At Cool Stuff for the Kitchen, we are featuring the gorgeous Atlas Pepper Mills, in brass, copper and chrome plated brass.  These beautiful pepper and salt mills have been hand made, not mass produced, so you know you’re mill is of the highest quality.  They are the same professional style mills used in many of the restaurants in Europe.

Highly polished with an adjustable steel grinding mechanism, these mills can adjust from course to fine grinding for all of your cooking needs.  Available in different heights they are the perfect compliant to a wonderful meal.

Atlas Copper Pepper Mill



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