⭐NEW design egg separator by⭐LUNA TREE. A long handle egg white yolk separator, a great ⭐NEW gadget arrival egg filter stainless steel easy to use cookware kitchen utensil for cooking and baking

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😀CHOOSE THE BEST FOR YOUR KITCHEN! Our egg separator is the perfect accessory for your kitchen! We want you to have the chance the enjoy cooking with the best tools! 🏭About LUNA TREE LUNA TREE is a family-owned family-run business, and our goal is to provide our customers the highest quality products at an affordable price. We would like to give your family the best service we can.⭐If you are satisfied with us and our products then our goal is achieved. Convenient lifestyle ⭐With a new elegant design that combine efficiency and beauty, our ambition is to make even the most simple kitchen accessory with completion. ⭐With a perfect size and two “wings” added, it will fit any bowl or cup perfectly and will separate any amount of eggs in seconds! ⭐Our materials will assure to keep your cooking area clean and tidy, making your cooking time pleasant and fun. ⭐Unlike other plastic egg separators, with us the annoying part of cleaning will be a piece of cake! just put it under the water for a couple of seconds or at the top shelf of your dishwasher. 👨‍💼We are here for you! You love to cook, and we love to make cooking simple. Our ambition is to give you the best environment while cooking by creating kitchen tools and accessories that make your life easier. 👌Lifetime warranty Our customers love our egg separator and we hope so will you.⭐If you are not satisfied we will buy them back from you. No question asked! 📦ORDER NOW Add our egg separator to make your cooking routine much more easy and a lot more tasty.⭐Click “ADD TO CART” right now and order yours today!

  • 👨‍🍳NEW DESIGN- Our new designed egg separator is created with the idea of adding efficiency and beauty to your kitchen. our goal in LUNA TREE is to make your kitchen environment the best there is, and with that said we believe our egg separator is the perfect tool to upgrade your kitchen. ⭐ A tool for amateur and professional cooks. The best cooking accessory for every kitchen.
  • 🍰MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER- Our main goal is to help you get the best result in no time. Our egg separator will separate the white and yolk in two seconds, keeping the shells out and giving you the best results. ⭐Unlike other egg separators, in our new design we also added two “wings” at the top of the separator to help it lean on the sides of the bowl.This assures good grip avoids unnecessary mess.
  • ✔️CHOOSE QUALITY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY- You can trust our quality! Our materials are healthy food grade stainless steel. Not like plastic egg separators, a durable metal with the right shape makes it non sticky and piece of cake to clean. Just clean it quickly with water or toss it into the top shelf of your dishwasher. ⭐We recommend you to choose a place for this egg separator because it sure to last in your kitchen for years.
  • 💪SIZE DOES MATTER- The perfect size with the best features, we have it all! From a long comfortable round handle with a hook at the top, to the great big size plain for separating the eggs and Stabilizing “wings” at the end. ⭐Will work perfectly with any kind of bowl cup or container, big or small, from 2 to 8.5 inches! With two great features: a comfortable hook for easy storage, and “wings” that gives the great stability to work with, making our egg separator a must in every kitchen!
  • 👌LIFETIME WARRANTY- Love them or we’ll buy them back from you. Unlike other big companies LUNA TREE is a small family business whats gives us the time to pay attention to each customer. We honestly want to say that we won’t rest until all of our customers will be satisfied. ⭐This world is not about money, It’s about being honest and proud with what you do. That’s why we first think about you because if you are satisfied then our family is proud. We promise 100% warranty. No questions asked!

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